Invincible Fight review

Here are the results from Sunday’s Fusion Fighting Championship fights at Epsom Racecourse;

Dino Miringou vs Mustafa Kemal Mustafa MMA, Middleweight, Championship bout

A short notice replacement, Mustafa was outclassed by a well trained and fit looking Dino Miringou. Dino scored points on the feet, showing good hands against the Egyptian before capitalizing on a clumsy takedown with a well practiced triangle to claim the Fusion Middleweight belt in the middle of the first round.

Youenn Lebeau vs Victor Espinosa MMA, Welterweight

Espinosa surprised everyone by catching fan favourite Lebeau with a brilliant armbar in the second minute of the first. A high level of BJJ was shown by both fighters, as Espinosa showed cool under pressure to break down Youenn’s impressive armbar defence and crank the submission.

Pamel Kerry vs Steve Elliot MMA, Lightweight

Pamel showed good aggression gaining a takedown early, however local boy Elliot controlled Kerry deftly from the bottom to cinch a triangle choke and claim a first round win to the cheers of the crowd.

Tommy King vs Doug Martin K1, Welterweight

King rushed out early in the first, taking the centre of the cage, throwing some aggressive combos and catching Martin early with strong right hands. Martin spent most of the round trying to get his back away from the cage but did land some good knees and body kicks.
In the second King came out with the K.O clearly in mind, pressing Martin against the cage and winging right straights. Martin tried to mix it up by attempting to clinch but was bodily thrown aside several times by King. He also continued to connect with counter body kicks as King would rush in, however King ate them uncomplaining in order to land his right haymakers.
Again King stormed out in the third against a visibly battered Martin, who almost managed to last all three rounds before a combo followed by a right hook caused the ref to stop the fight standing. Major props to an outclassed Doug Martin for taking his licks and almost making it a decision, but Tommy King could have gotten the K.O a lot quicker and easier if he kept mixing his striking like in the first round instead of headhunting.

Ramon Madruga vs Sam Jefferies MMA, Featherweight

Rock em Sock em Robots! A great first two rounds. Madruga is a lethal mix of technical striking and feral aggression, charging forward with fast powerful combos and crazy intensity. However Jefferies showed a pro’s cool head, waiting for Madruga to get off and then tagging him with counters as he tried to move away. The fight was up and down, with both fighters showing the ability to force their way back to their feet.
Ramon’s aggression and octagon control made the difference though, and he danced away from Jefferies for most of the third to clinch the narrow decision victory.

Perry Newton vs Lak Sekon MMA, Welterweight

Sekon’s superior striking was the story as he patiently picked apart Perry Newton throughout rounds one and two, using quick hands and nasty leg kicks. Newton couldn’t really find an answer to the variety of attacks he was being struck with, and halfway through the third Sekon floored him with a counter right hand and finished the job with some nasty ground and pound.

Gary Kono vs Gregor Jankowski MMA,Lightweight

Backed by a loud Polish crowd, Jankowski came out swinging and attempted some crafty single legs against the cage, but Kono showed good takedown defence, wore Gregor down with strikes and leg kicks and capitalised in the third with a right hand out of nowhere that K.O’d Jankowski

Lukaz Schweitahowski vs Andrew Delve. K1, Welterweight

Lukaz showed good straight punches and low kicks, and caught Delve with an excellent high kick. Delve got inside late in the first and second and used his hooks and knees to devastating effect, pulling out a close decision.